SoundFeed is a B2B music licensing platform that connects labels, publishers, independent musicians, DJ’s and broadcasters, thus streamlining their existing licensing processes.

Their regular newsletter Soundfeed Spotlight [click to subscribe] outlines a different segment of the complex world of the music industry. They interview leaders in the fields of management, licensing, labels, live to give insight, tips, and success stories or failures transformed into valuable lessons. Last month, Groove Dynasty CEO Kyle Bagley was featured in the newsletter to give an overview of the Chinese market and give actionable tips for others to follow.

Selected quotes below, click here to read the full interview.

On The Chinese Market

Music fans in China love to chat about music, make recommendations and playlists, and share content and information online.

The main DSPs, NetEase Cloud Music and QQ Music (part of Tencent Music), are fantastic apps that have music from all around the world, social content, videos, podcasts, and more.

On Promoting Artists in China

China also has a lot of what we call KOLs, or ‘key opinion leaders’. This is somewhere between an influencer and a PR outlet; they are power users on any of the above platforms who share news, music, videos, etc.

There are many DJs and electronic artists who have built a big following in China.

On Chinese Music Fans

Music fans in China are unlike those in any other place.

There are legacy artists from around the world with millions of fans, that nobody in China cares about at all. There are also small and mid-level acts unknown in the West that have a large and loyal local following, and it’s not always obvious who would be popular here.

On ROI for Marketing in China

Many artists work to build their profile in China in an effort to increase their bookings and overall presence in the region, as live events in China can be very lucrative.

Chinese DSPs pay out even less than Spotify, but of course there are artists and labels who make quite a bit from China.


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