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Groove Dynasty provides the best in social media and marketing services within China. We help artists, DJs, record labels, and other brands connect directly with their fanbase and expand their reach in the fastest growing music market on the planet.

Chinese Social Media Management

Setup and management of social media and music streaming platforms in China.

We assist in registration and verification of all networks, music and video uploads, daily posts, community management, and original content creation.

This option is best for ongoing promotion of an artist or brand.

PR & Influencer Marketing

Individual campaigns for promotion of music, videos, and live performances in China.

We handle press release writing, translation and placement in outlets across China. We use our own network of hundreds of KOLs and influencers to spread your message far and wide.

Best for one-off marketing campaigns and important announcements.

Consulting & Analysis

Case-by-case advice on best practices for operating in China.

We know the market better than anyone else, and we're here to help. We can advise on local campaigns and strategy, market entry, booking, distribution, and everything music related.

Reach out today for help on your project.

Why Do I Need Marketing in China?

China is currently one of the most exciting music markets in the world. With the country continuing to see the same double-digit growth in the recorded music sector as it has over the past several years, the explosion in popularity of electronic music and an array of other genres has led to an influx of touring artists, as well as those looking to make more money from their music and merchandise.

However, China’s legal restrictions, language barrier, and unique online culture make it a difficult place to operate, in addition to the country’s social media and music platforms that are not available elsewhere. Marketing in China requires care and experience, and a strategy distinct from what works in the rest of the world and the rest of Asia.

The Groove Dynasty Difference

Groove Dynasty has been operating in China for five years, making us one of the most experienced marketing agencies in the industry. We are a different breed of company – honest, hardworking, and with a creative approach to the projects we are involved with. Here is what sets Groove Dynasty apart:

Real people doing real work. Nothing is automated, and we don’t copy and paste the posts that we do. Every post, yes every single post, is done manually, and optimized for readability, local customs, and engagement, no matter what language it’s in.

Transparent reporting. We don’t fake our stats, we don’t buy followers, and we do full and regular reporting for every client.

Focus on what matters. Every client is different, and requires a different approach to the market. Whether your strategy is music-focused, video heavy, or based on the artist’s personality and engagement, Groove Dynasty has the tools to present it to fans.

Track & Album Promo

As the most important aspect of any artist’s career and image, music releases command our attention as marketers, and we employ a focused approach to their promotion in China.

Platform support. Editorial and features from NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, and others, ranging from playlists to social support and banners.

Playlist pitching. A majority of listening on China’s platforms is from UGC playlists, which are fan and influencer curated in a variety of themes and genres, getting valuable plays from users who want to hear your music.

Influencer and press placement. Giving you an extra push to reach more fans in more places.

Custom artist-led campaigns. Original artwork, video content, gifs, teasers, contests, giveaways, or other campaigns, from carried out from concept to execution.

Meet Our Team

A diverse group with real-world experience in all aspects of the music industry and more knowledge than an encyclopedia. We put a personal touch on every single project we take on.

Kyle Bagley

Owner & CEO

Kyle is a lifelong musician originally from the U.S. He's been living and working in China for over five years, and is an expert on the local market and music industry. He holds a master’s degree in music business, and has nearly a decade of experience in managing social media for brands and artists.

Ivy Che

Influencer Marketing

A lover of anime, video games, and a diverse selection of Korean and Japanese music, Ivy is one of our lead account managers, and manages our partnerships with influencers and press outlets in China.

Tony Fan

Label Account Manager

Tony spent years as a KOL in electronic music, and was the head of music content at a Chinese streaming platform. He now manages our label accounts and content uploads.

Ace He

Account Manager

As Groove Dynasty's resident underground house and techno fan, Ace is an account manager with a diverse background in many aspects of music and technology.

Sydney Xue

Sydney Xue

Account Manager

Sydney was born and raised in Shanghai, and got her start in 2018 working in the live EDM industry as a booking agent and tour manager. Now, Sydney helps Groove Dynasty manage our pop artists and Douyin accounts.

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Our Work

Our clients are some of the biggest names in music.


Client since 2017

Holding the #8 spot for popular artists on the NetEase platform here in China, Vicetone has one of the fastest growing fan bases in the region. Groove Dynasty has promoted their music, supported tours through China, and led campaigns based on popular memes, local trends, and their unique style.

Follow Vicetone on NetEase Cloud Music
Follow Vicetone on Weibo

Revealed Recordings

Revealed Recordings

Client since 2017

Groove Dynasty has represented Revealed Recordings and the label boss Hardwell for over five years in China, with comprehensive campaigns around new releases, including several with Chinese artists, radio program promotion, and other local support.

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Client since 2017

Monstercat is a future-focused and innovative record label with fans around the world. As such, they have positioned their social presence in China not only to share catalog music releases, but to promote Monstercat branded events and merchandise, while inspiring and connecting directly with local Chinese talent.

Follow Monstercat on NetEase Cloud Music
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Stay updated with the latest info and best practices on the music industry in China.

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Shanghai Office

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All inquiries please use info [at] groovedynasty [dot] cn or the form here.

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