From a marketing standpoint, trips to China can be a goldmine for artists and DJs, particularly if you are just starting out with social media or promotion in the country. Fans like to see their favorite artists not only coming to the country to do shows, but showing their interest in culture and local activities. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of your appearances in China.

Before the Tour – Assets & Posters

China Tour Flyers

It’s always a good idea to make a dedicated tour flyer for dates in China. Even if it’s part of a larger Asia tour. Fans in China simply don’t care nearly as much about your shows in other countries, and it weakens the branding to be promoting “Asian” events to locals, especially if you are sharing the flyers on Chinese platforms.

Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau

Flyers and tour mentions can include Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, but don’t expect a lot of feedback from Chinese internet users on these shows, and be extremely careful with wording. These areas should not be recognized as separate countries, and don’t use their flags or emojis in any posts. Several artists have gotten in trouble with the Chinese government with their wording, and many more have gotten a host of negative or overly nationalist comments on their pages.

Social Links and Handles

Definitely include usernames or links for any Chinese platforms you operate on the flyer. The links are often ugly – NetEase links include a string of numbers, and Weibo only looks good if you’ve set a vanity URL, which could even be different from your username. Best bet is to include those networks’ logos and usernames clearly.

Many clubs will, by default, put Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. handles on flyers. They think it highlights the artist being international. This is nonsense, in my opinion there is no benefit to have these platforms on your China flyers, and if they are listed fans will assume you are not active on any local platforms. Promoters and designers often need to be instructed directly to include Chinese platforms and handles.

Download a logo pack here of all Chinese social media platforms, free for your use 😉

Shoutout Video

Clubs and festival organizers will frequently ask for video drops to help promote live shows in China, because they are well shared among fans; the same can be used for your own social accounts if you have. Best is to start with a Chinese greeting, mention the cities and/or festivals you are visiting, and say thanks. That’s it!

Content During the Tour

While an artist is on tour, searches for their name are higher on every major platform, it’s also common for fans to post photos and videos from the venue and tag the artist or use their name in a hashtag. These can be commented on, reposted, and otherwise engaged with for good fan interaction. But it’s also important to supply fans with your own content from tour.

It’s great to share photo/video of artists not only on stage or with fans, but doing somewhat “normal” Chinese things. Here a list of photos that always do well with fans in China:

  • Arrival photo at the train station or airport of the city
  • Photos at a Chinese restaurant, especially using chopsticks, eating dumplings/noodles/other local delicacy
  • Landmark photos: Great Wall, Shanghai Skyline, any famous parks/statues/etc.
  • Riding a shared bicycle, taking public transport, etc.
  • Get creative!

Generally reach will not be throttled by posting more frequently on social platforms in China, so feel free to keep your feed busy and active with this fun content, and save some for throwbacks, future show promo, and the like.

Afterphotos and Thank You Posts

It’s always a great idea to share photosets and stage photos as well thanking the local fans for coming out. No need to get fancy with the language or anything here, “Thank you [city name]” with some good photos goes a long way.

Even if you were not traveling with a photographer, clubs in China will almost always share party reviews on their own socials (mainly WeChat) with full photo sets. These photos are generally very low quality, and often have watermarks on them, but can be found in the days following the show.

Are you or your artist planning a China tour? Be sure to reach out to Groove Dynasty to discuss promotional packages and marketing services around the trip. Contact us for more details, and safe travels!


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