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SCMP is a leading news publication covering news and events in China and Asia at large. Their recent article covering Beijing’s recent initiative to increase the music industry in China featured a quote for Groove Dynasty owner and CEO Kyle Bagley.

These initiatives cover both the live and digital music industry, and feature investment in various cities to allow further collaboration for foreigners entering the country for performances, as well as support for local acts.

China also plans to overhaul its copyright law in regards to music, a welcome sight for labels, distributors, and other rights holders. China is a notoriously difficult region for receiving money from publishing and licensing.

Kyle was quoted several times in the piece:

“Interest in the local market has skyrocketed in recent years, and with the success of the country’s home-grown music streaming platforms and growth in the live music sector, an initiative like this could help bring more money and stability to the budding industry, and increase interest from overseas in a major way,”

The plan was thorough and could provide support to the industry in several areas, he said.
“China’s local musicians could benefit a lot from government support that could provide education, venues, and other programs to up-and-coming artists,”

“As compared to other major regions, Chinese fans are often focused on foreign artists, so inspiring new talent would not only draw attention of local fans, but could help make more acts accepted internationally.”

Read the full article here:

Beijing, home of Peking opera, wants to be an ‘international music capital’ by 2025

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