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Get Your Music Heard in China!

China is a unique music market, with its own streaming services and promotion tools. Spotify, SoundCloud, and other streaming services are NOT used in China, the country has its own platforms, fans, and followers.

If your music is released through a label, or an independent distributor like DistroKid, it’s likely available on Chinese platforms like NetEase Cloud Music or Tencent Music already! But just being online does not guarantee plays.

With a dedicated promotion in China you can:

  • Add streams and royalties from a new market
  • Get comments and likes on your music
  • Grow your fan base in China
  • Be discovered on local playlists by Chinese fans

Music Streaming Platforms (DSPs) in China

NetEase Cloud Music (网易云音乐)
  • 800M registered users (2021)
  • High percentage of track plays are from foreign artists
  • Very high engagement on music pages and other content
  • Advanced social and video features
Tencent Music (QQ Music / QQ音乐 / Kugou Music)
  • Tencent owns multiple music platforms in China:
    • QQ Music (QQ音乐): 259M active users (2021)
    • Kugou Music 298M active users (2021)
  • Wide demographic user base
  • Focus on pop and mainstream music

Available Campaign Packages

Options to suit any budget! Choose from the below or email us for a custom campaign.

Playlist Pitching
Playlist Pitching
+ Influencers/KOLs
Complete Campaigns
Packages from $129 USD

3+ high-traffic playlists guaranteed

Packages from $259

5+ high-traffic playlists guaranteed

1+ influencer post

Packages from $489

10+ high-traffic playlists guaranteed

2+ influencer posts

+ pitch to DSPs for potential feature/editorial

If you’re unsure where to start, schedule a call with Groove Dynasty staff or send an email with any questions you have.

Case Studies

Highlighted single campaign:

Plus many more campaigns from our regular clients:


What experience does Groove Dynasty have with music marketing campiagns in China?

Groove Dynasty has been active in China for over five years working with a variety of artists labels in campaigns big and small.

What reporting will I get?

We provide a success deck after the campaign with all playlist entries, including a description and stats of the playlists, track engagement, screenshots of influencer posts, and more. Track play counts are not public on DSPs in China, so success is measured via comments/engagement on the track page, artist page charts, and other social stats.

How do I know the plays are real?

We work with dozens of playlisters in China across all platforms. While it’s not possible to guarantee plays via any campaign, we constantly monitor our partners to measure regular growth in plays and followers and only work with those who have a proven track record of success.

How do I pay for promotion in China?

Groove Dynasty accepts payment via Paypal or bank transfer. All payments are made in advance.

How do I get paid for streams on my music?

Payments come as normal through your distribution or label, Groove Dynasty does not claim or process any royalty payments.

More questions?

Reach out at info@groovedynasty.cn !