Promo Service  for electronic music in China

From DJ promo to radio placements on Hit FM, Groove Dynasty can help get your release to the DJs and give it the PR it needs for success in China. Starting from just $250 USD.

We offer custom promotion packages for key releases into the market, beginning with radio placements, access to over 20,000 genre specific DJs through Tencent’s Wechat platform, and product placements on the key DSP’s such as PYRO, and QQ Music.

PYRO Private Tracks
Fast & Reliable

Utilising PYRO’s private track system (similar to Soundcloud) we can deliver music and receive comments/feedback.

Wechat Subcriptions
20,000 Registered DJs

We have built channels of genre specific DJs through Tencent’s Wechat platform, and can send music direct to the DJs.

Hit FM
Get the track on the radio

Hit FM has 35 million daily listeners, with a keen focus on electronic music. We can get prime time coverage of the track.

Social Media
Weibo, Wechat, PYRO & 网易

We have access to literally millions of people through key opinion leaders, Wechat groups and Wechat ‘blogs’.

Key Placements
Featuring your release on DSPs

China has some of the most crazy online users through apps such as Netease and QQ music. We can help get good product placement on these apps.

Banner Adverts
PYRO, Netease & QQ

We can negotiate banner placements for key releases, an incredible way to get exposure.

Monetise the downloads with PYRO

Our revolutionary new service allows the promo release to be MONETISED through PYRO’s platform. DJ’s subscribe on a monthly paid service, meaning they pay a fixed fee for unlimited downloads and labels get paid out from a royalty pool according to % of downloads. The downloads for promo’s count towards your % meaning a great promo campaign is not only amazing for getting the DJs the music early (in effect free for them to download), but you also GET PAID on your campaign. For more information please email .

Why invest in China?

China is fast becoming the most important market in the World for electronic music. With over 200m 15-24 year old’s and a rapidly changing demographic of middle class, EDM is sweeping across the nation. More and more Chinese kids are being inspired to make music themselves, as they see fellow Chinese DJs up on the main stages and in the clubs loving their art.

We are working closely with many labels, DJs, and independent producers to help them promote their music/releases in China, and we believe that our service can help you increase your exposure and ultimately your income in this key market.

For DJs

  • Get your track distributed amongst other key DJs in the region
  • Build your name and potential contacts
  • Increase chances of DJ bookings
  • Ultimately increase booking revenue from China

For Record Labels

  • Build your brand here in China
  • Get access to 20,000+ DJs (and growing)
  • Get feedback on the market direct from the DJs about your music
  • Key placements on Chinese DSPs, increase your revenue on releases
CARTA - Spinnin' Records

I love getting my promo’s from Groove Dynasty, means I can get them into my sets on the Radio and in the club!

CARTA - Spinnin' Records

Dom Kerley - Label-Worx

Groove Dynasty is a great resource to help us penetrate into the Chinese market, without them I’m not sure what we would do!

Dom Kerley - Label-Worx

We are Working With Some of
the Best Labels & DJs in EDM

Delivering amazing results for their tracks & releases.


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