Well folks, it’s that time of year again! A fair few of Groove Dynasty’s clients have already begun preparation for the worlds most loved and hated voting competition – the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs List. Read on to find out how voting will work, how you can get involved, and the best way to promote your artist in China around this campaign.

DJ Mag Culture in China

While some in the US and Europe may begin to grow weary of DJs asking for votes, DJ Mag is still a big ticket here in China. We’ve got a Top 100 DJs Festival which features some of the top DJs, and a few other branded events and products. China has long been accused of booking DJs purely on their ranking, that is clearly not the case in 2018, but it’s safe to say that it still holds a lot of clout.

How Can Chinese Fans Vote?

Although nothing is certain until it’s live, voting this year will reportedly be available to fans in China via email login only. While the rest of the world allows registration via Facebook and Google, the Chinese platforms do not have this luxury (likely due to their restrictive API or perhaps a general distrust of the social platforms here).

So voters have to first register an account on the DJ Mag site with their email address, before they can vote, then the process is the same. It’s a bit clunkier and more difficult, but it works!

Promotion Ideas

Avoiding discussion of street teams and other large-scale efforts, customizing a campaign for Chinese fans is not difficult to do, it’s generally focused around a handful of things: banners or other images, video shoutouts, boosted posts, and possibly some influencer posts.

Banners & Images

First, your Chinese social pages should be dressed up with a DJ Mag related banners. If you want to make a banner on Weibo, the proper size is 920×300, with the profile photo and information in the center 1/3 of the banner.

Click here to download a PSD template that will ensure proper sizing, feel free to use and share!

See below a Weibo banner example from Tujamo last year (who rose 32 spots to #46 ;).

For other flyers and posters to use in posts, most sizes will work fine. See below for words and phrases you can include within.

Printed Phrases for Posters

Vote now = 现在投票

Thanks for your support = 感谢支持

Thank you all = 谢谢你们

Vote for me = 投我一票

Vote for us = 为我们投上一票

We need your vote = 我们需要你的一票

Your vote counts = 你宝贵的一票很重要

Thank you all = 感谢大家

Spoken Phrases for Video

Hello = Nǐ hǎo

Hello everyone = Dàjiā hǎo

I am… = Wǒ shì

We are… = Wǒmen shì

China = Zhōngguó

Thank you = Xièxiè

Bye-bye = Zàijiàn

Mirroring Your Campaign

Don’t have time to custom-make content? No worries. If you’ve got something planned for DJ Mag already, chances are you can reuse the same content without too much trouble by changing a few things. Simple English language as would be common on a poster is fine, and videos can be easily subtitled for posting in China. Feel free to contact us for help localizing your content.

A few things to note regardless:

Link Shorteners such as bit.ly and the like are generally blocked in China. We strongly recommend using the original voting link (below) or using a local service (most will not provide tracking info).

There is no Chinese language version of the magazine, print or online, nor dedicated socials for the brand in China, so any print or web ads should be managed directly with the company headquarters in the UK as normal.

DJ Mag Information


Voting Opens: 11th July 2018 (12pm BST / 7pm China Time)

Voting Closes: 19th September 2018 (23:59pm BST / 6:59am next day China Time)

Voting Link: http://top100djs.com



It is permitted for DJs and their teams to campaign for votes. A voting kit containing logos and other promotional tools is provided for this purpose. Common campaigning methods include social media posts, advertisements, website posts etc.


No incentives can be offered in exchange for votes. Incentives include, but are not limited to: Mechandise, Tickets, Discounts, Exclusive perks, Competition entry, Any other item of value.


While street teams are permitted, there are strict guidelines to regulate their use. Artists or organisations wishing to use street teams must register their usage on each occasion. This will involve sharing dates and times of operation, device type, IP addresses, and the location of use. The device operative or promotional person must hand over the device to the voter, who must conduct the whole process themselves. It is not permitted for the promotional person to enter in the DJ name themselves, this must be a free vote. The location of the promotion must be deemed relevant to the artist. For the avoidance of doubt: festivals, clubs or events featuring the campaigning DJs are permitted. Unrelated high foot fall areas are not permitted, unless tied to a predominant artist-led activation which has been approved in advance. DJ Mag will be sending ‘random voters’ to popular events active during the voting process to ensure these rules are adhered to.

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