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China market heating up for touring DJs

China market heating up for touring DJs

by Spencer Tarring CEO

Posted on March 03, 2017 at 14:00 PM

Its been a month or so since my last blog post, we’ve been working on PYRO Music  / PYRO.DJ (international version) and adding some super cool features which I’ll update you in another article. But during that time, the China market really has started to intensify at an astonishing pace. In this article I want to look specifically at Touring in China. Over the past few months there have been some huge announcements and tours that have begun to shape what I believe will be the future of the industry here in China.

R3hab tours 14 cities in China

For the first time ever, an international DJ agreed to tour 14 cities in China. A huge step in the development of the market, as previously there just hasnt been enough quality clubs outside of the major cities. Organised by renowned promoter SIGMA Touring, the tour featured stops in 14 cities in China. Lets take a look at the key reasons why R3hab has managed to be the first artist to do this.

  1. Early start in the social media game
    R3hab has been one of the pioneering artists to get his socials going here in China, and has been going for quite a few years. This has enabled him to build quite a fan base within the territory. For this tour, he ran a RSVP competition for free tickets / meet & greet prizes with PYROMUSIC.CN and the response was incredible, over 4,000 people RSVP’d to the events, and a huge increase in social media followers during the tour.
  2. Rise of the quality of the clubs in cities outside of Shanghai
    In fact, whilst Shanghai is the most international city in China, it has actually become a little flat when it comes to nightclub offerings, getting too involved in ‘bottle culture’ which of course alienates most normal club goers. The other cities have made huge strides in adding some serious venues for DJ performances. We’ll take a look at the clubs in detail later on.
  3. China Professional Touring companies on the rise
    China based touring companies are now in the market. Its quite a significant difference to international agencies trying to enter. You need local promoters to get past the language barrier and cultural differences. SIGMA Touring heading up by Jim W, is a perfect example of this. Originally from Hong Kong, Jim has built SIGMA into a powerhouse and in just a year he now agreed residencies for Hardwell, tours for R3hab, TUJAMO, and many many more.

Jim W from SIGMA Touring says:

“China has always been one of the most important market for any industry in the world, but due to the cultural barrier, until recently no one has really been working in a professional manner in the industry. With our local and international experience, we’ve come at it with a fresh approach and have managed to slowly get the right mind set into the club owners/festival owners. This has helped us make progress setting up big tours for fans all over China to enjoy the show. Hopefully by doing more and more, we can start giving DJ and fans a route to build the market in the right way.”

Here are the clubs that R3hab toured:

  1. Space Club – Chengdu
  2. Club Mei – Changsha
  3. The One – Guangzhou
  4. Boom Boom Room – Shenzhen
  5. Grammy Club – Foshan
  6. Octagon – Chongqing
  7. Space Club – Zhengzhou
  8. Miami Club – Taiyuan
  9. Club G+ – Hangzhou
  10. Dr. Oscar Club – Shenyang
  11. Dr. Oscar Club – Changchun
  12. Papaya Club – Xian
  13. Elements – Beijing
  14. Rave Club – Taichung

You can read more about SIGMA Touring by visiting their website

Hardwell Residency in Macau

Whilst not strictly Mainland China, Macau represents the Las Vegas of China, at least thats what it is trying to be. The main club there, CUBIC has succesfully attracted some of the top DJs from around the world, and most recently announced Hardwell’s residency at the venue. Kicking off in April, this is big news for EDM fans, and we expect to see a lot of Mainlanders heading to Macau for his show. Groove Dynasty runs the social media for Hardwell and will be leveraging his reach during the promotions.

Warm up DJ competitions from PYRO Music

VINAI also recently toured in China, and as an effort to promote the show and really support the local scene, PYRO ran a mixtape competition for local DJs, the winner being selected to warm up for VINAI at their show in Changsha. The uplift on streams for VINAI on the platform was huge, and it also had a really great community effect for the local scene. If you are interested in running these competitions for your tour, please contact PYRO:

Some Advice for Lining Up your Tour

  1. Get your socials going. You can register yourself, but its a little difficult with the language barrier and you need a chinese ID for Wechat, but you can get on PYROMUSIC.CN and without too much fuss. If you want to properly invest time and money into it, then obviously contact us and we can discuss some strategies for you.
  2. Distribute your music. Make sure your music is on PYRO, QQ, Netease, either manually or push your label to get it organised. Without your music here, you have nothing to push your fans to.
  3. Find a local promoter. SIGMA Touring do big to mid-level name DJs, we recommend them highly, but if you are just entering the market, make connections with some of the many music directors and local based international DJs here.


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